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Feline Kidney Disease Resources

Feline (CRF) Information Center

Information and help for caretakers of cats living with chronic kidney/renal insufficiency and failure.

Feline Health Information

Feline Advisory Bureau

Information from a British charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats.

How To Videos

Videos from the Cornell Feline Health Center show you how to take your cat's temperature, give medication, trim your cat's nails and more.

Diabetes Information

Diabetes in Pets

Information, links and support for owners of diabetic pets.

Pet Health and Care

Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Health topics and information on programs at WSU.

The Humane Society of the United States

Information on pet care for those who are ill or unable to care for their animals; rental information regarding pets.

Pet Health TV

Mar Vista Vet Pet Library

Pet Care Info at webmd

Surgically Treated Diseases

American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Complex Medical Problems

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine


Eye Problems

American College of Veterinary Opthalmology


General Pet Care Information


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