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Meet Our Patients

    Tank is Meghanne's energetic pitbull/dachshund mix. 

Maggie (Harbortop Star Magnolia) is a very enthusiastic Labrador who loves to play.

Maggie enjoys going for walks and rides in the car, but her very favorite activity is to retrieve a toy thrown in the lake. She will go forever jumping in the lake retrieving. Maggie loved going to agility classes and trials, but is now retired due to arthritic knees. Maggie's favorite toy is "Boar Boar" a very large stuffed animal that is a hairy hog with tusks. All we have to say is "where's Boar Boar?" and she will run through the house until she finds him. Maggie also enjoys playing with our cat, Dandy. She likes to do what we call "Squish the kitty". She gently lies on top of Dandy and licks the top of her head and nudges her with her nose. Dandy puts up with this and when she is tired of it just walks away.

Rhodie, named after the state flower, Rhododendron, was our first dog, after having only cats for pets.

Although Rhodie has been a challenging first dog to have, we have enjoyed her happy enthusiastic personality. Over the years we have gone backpacking and participated in agility trials with Rhodie. She loves people, other dogs, and the cats we have had over the years. A ride in the car is one of her favorite things to do. Sometimes she just goes and sits in the car in the garage or the driveway. In the warmer months, she likes to go wading in the lake and for kayak rides. When you take her for a ride all you have to do is put her swim vest on and say "Get in" and she very carefully climbs in your lap and sits perfectly still for the whole ride. She loves blueberries (fresh or frozen) and green beans the most. Occasionally, to get special attention, Rhodie will go through the laundry basket and take a sock. She will then come to you and show you what she has and run away. We play along with her giving her the attention she is seeking and a treat in exchange for the sock. She is happy and the game is over.

In Loving Memory

When Rhodie was 14 years old she developed life threatening bleeding from a tumor in her spleen. She had blood transfusions and surgery to remove her spleen and the tumor. She recovered fully and went on to live 9 more happy months until the cancer recurred.

Daisy, a fluffy Labrador Retriever, is a rescue dog we got a little over a year after we got Rhodie.

Daisy was the neighbor's dog that they had purchased for their grandchild who was too young to be interested in a dog. Daisy would escape from her yard and come visit Rhodie. We would let her in the yard to play until the neighbor came home. When she was six months old, we told them that if there came a time they did not want Daisy we would take her. She was ours the next day. Daisy participated in agility trials until she was 12 years old. She earned many AKC and NADAC agility titles. She loved going to agility classes once a week. Her favorite activity by far is to go swimming. We put her swim vest on her clipped to a long lead attached to a kayak and follow her across the lake. Since she has no concept of getting tired and cold we llimit her swim time and frequently have to pull her home. She likes to attempt to catch ducks, which is impossible for her to do. The ducks and geese swim a short distance in front and then take off flying to the other end of the lake. Daisy's other favorite activities are napping, walks around the lake,and belly rubs or a massage.

In Loving memory: Daisy passed away in September 2009, at 14 years of age, after a long and happy life. Ironically like her companion, Rhodie, Daisy developed a malignant tumor on her spleen, a common cancer seen in larger, older dogs. Daisy is survived by her moms and her sisters, Dandy and Maggie.

Dandy (Dandelion) is a Snowshoe cat who we got while building our new home. We took a load of garbage to the Renton transfer station and, as we were leaving, a frightened kitten ran by into the shrubs.

Dandy was very sick when we first found her and Dr Schottman helped get her well. Dandy gets along with the dogs wonderfully and is quite a tease with all of us. She will hide around corners and between furniture and jump out to get the dogs and us to play. One of her nicknames is "Stair Troll" as she will lie or stand on the stairs and dare a dog to pass her. If they do, she often times will chase them up the stairs swatting them in the bottom and run away laughing. Dandy also loves to play laser tag and chase feathers on a string. Lying in front of the fireplace and getting as hot as possible is also a favorite thing to do. However, her most favorite activity is to climb into your lap while you are working on the computer and have you massage her belly.

I adopted Goose from the Santa Barbara County Humane Society on October 28, 1992. Goose has made me smile every day since then. She is a formidable presence in our home.

Goose loves to catch bugs, especially spiders. Much like a dog, she comes when I call her and greets us at the door as we come home from work. Her favorite place to chill is in the backyard. She loves to roll in the dirt and sit on the deck. She is very affectionate and likes to give kisses. In March we received the devastating news that Goosey has cancer. Dr Kate diagnosed a large tumor on her larynx that was blocking her ability to breathe. Sunset Pet Hospital has been taking wonderful care of the Goose. She is on a 6 month cycle of chemotherapy and is responding well to her treatment. We treasure each day we have with Goose as it is so precious. Goose and her family wish to thank the staff at Sunset Pet Hospital for making her feel so much better.

In Loving Memory

Goose was successfully treated with chemotherapy for laryngeal lymphoma and went on to live two more years before passing away due to kidney failure at 14 years of age.

Julia was born into my hands. She was puppy number six in a long awaited, long planned litter. Her mom, Karma, had triumphed over a pretty severe injury, so this litter had a "Triumph" theme for names. Julia's registered name is Vivace Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered). Julius Ceasar said that, but since she's a girl, I thought that Julia was more fitting.

Julia has lots of favorite activities, but the activities that really touch the depth of her soul involve RUNNING! She is active in Lure Coursing, Straight Racing, and Oval Racing. Racing is a favorite over Lure Coursing because she really loves the adrenaline of the starting boxes. This normally sedate girl is known as the "Wild Child" when it comes to competetive running. He screams of delight can be heard at the opposite end of a 250 yard track!

True to her heritage, Julia loves anything that involves a chase, including her favorite non-competetive game, "water bunnies" (chasing water from the hose). Her amazing ballet moves and speed circles are legendary. In her quiet time, Julia enjoys squeaky toys and stuffed toys to cuddle with and she is an awesome snuggler. Health testing proved that Julia is clear of any of the issues that we would worry about in this breed. Her conformation was proved when she achieved her Canadian Championship. She has multiple field and racing titles and have proven that she can do what the breed should be able to do. Her temperament is awesome. With that in mind, we have planned for the next generation for a long time. After painstaking research, we found a male dog who meets all the same criteria. From the time that Julia was still in her mom's tummy, we have been planning on where to take this next generation. As a breeder it is important to me that I pass on wonderful temperament, exceptional health, proper conformation, and the ability to do what the breed should do. Julia and Bongo were bred on July 3rd. We are expecting a litter on September 1st and couldn't be more excited. We are very grateful to Dr Schottman and her staff for helping us through all the necessary testing and stress that it took to get this breeding done right and that all of our girls stay happy and healthy!

Additional note - Julia had 8 healthy puppies! One of them, Rumba, has joined the family. You can visit Julia's pregnancy diary at

Happy is an awesome Lab mix and our hero. He was born in the spring of 2000 and was so small, the chickens at the animal park used to scare him. But he grew and grew and grew- like Clifford the dog! The chickens don't scare him anymore- hardly anything does- and he's even faced bone cancer bravely, like the true hero he is. It took us 3 months to name him because nothing seemed to fit- so we started calling him Happy, because he was just so happy all the time. The name stuck.

Before the cancer, Happy loved to go hiking for miles, rollerblading, and mountain biking. His favorite thing in the world,of course, is swimming. He's been camping from coast to coast- from the Adirondacks in upstate New York, to the Kittatiny Mountains in Pennsylvania, the Shenandoah Mountains in West Virginia, and the Smokey Mountains of South Carolina. He's swum in water from the lakes of the Green Mountains of Vermont, to the Delaware River, the Mississipi River, Lake Sammamish, and Mount Shasta California. He's even been in both the Atlantic Ocean at the Jersey SHore and the Pacific Ocean in Santa Cruz, California. Happy knows hundreds of words and phrases like, "where's your Kong?", "let's go swimming", "want your kibble?", "Squirrels!", and, of course, all our names. Happy has a "baby"- a black Lab stuffed animal- that he protects, licks, and carries around like it's a real baby. He would have made a great dad! (but he's neutered, of course!). In the summer of 2005, Happy turned up lame on his right rear let. He was diagnosed with bone cancer. We were heartbroken. We opted for amputation and chemotherapy, which he faced bravely. Although he can't be as active as he used to be, he still loves playing in the yard like a puppy and we have to force him to slow down as his remaining hind leg is weakening. Happy is my special hero because I have cancer too. And through every surgery he's stayed by my side for days on end while I recover, as if he somehow understands. We know our time with Happy is limited now, but every day we get to spend with him is a miracle and a special gift. Thanks to the loving care he's received from Sunset Pet Hospital and the Animal Cancer Specialists we've gotten to hold on to our Happy a few precious months longer. Happy is a truly amazing dog and a testament to the heroic way life should be led. Everyone should have a dog like Happy.

In Loving Memory

Happy lived a remarkable three and a half years after his diagnosis with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Even after the cancer returned in his lungs he persevered and lived life to the fullest to the very end.

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures. They give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive." -Gilda Radner

Zihaut was born in Ixtapa/Zihautenajo Mexico. He currently lives with 3 other cats and a Doberman, but his life wasn't always so easy. While vacationing in Mexico last March we came upon a tiny kitten with an injured back foot. He was residing on the floor of a public market and relying on some kindly people to care for him, but he was only a few feet away from a busy thoroughfare. Being a place where the locals shop, no one spoke English, making it difficult to discuss his welfare, but we did the best we could.

We returned to visit him a few more times. Noting that he still did not have a home, I was determined to bring him home. A week or so later I picked him up in a cab and we headed for the airport. As we drove away in the cab, the workers in the market wer waving goodbye, those that knew were happy for the tiny kitten was "moving to America" (as one who spoke a little English proudly exclaimed). We made it through security with no problem, but upon enterint the plane found that his carrier would not fit under the seat! Rather than put him in cargo, they let him sit on the seat next to us. Zihaut happily arrived in Seattle and the very next day he visited Dr. Schottman for an exam and a sorely needed bath. Much to my dismay, the poor guy had a bad case of ringworm and we spent a challenging 6 weeks treating him with sulfur baths, etc. while in lived in a borrowed cage in my garage. He is a confident and kindly cat and we are so glad we came upon the little guy. He fit right in with my other cats and seems to be the top cat now. I decided to name him Zihaut after the town where kindly people showed some compassion for a tiny kitten. Zihaut is a treasured member of my family.

Chloe was adopted by her family from another family when she was 18 months old. She loves to chase the many squirrels that run through her backyard. She also loves to play tug of war and ball. Sometimes Chloe plays "psycho-dog", running from room to room as fast as she can, sliding on the wooden floor and jumping over the furniture. Then she suddenly stops and acts normal. Chloe's family share a 2 mile walk with her nearly every day. Chloe is a brave dog and does not know that she is small. At the dog park she is very assertive and manages to scare off German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans!

At six years of age, Chloe became ill with mysterious recurrent fevers, low white blood cell counts, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. After many tests and the assistance of radiologists, internists, and surgeons, it was determined that Chloe has a rare autoimmune disease affecting the cells in her bone marrow that make white blood cells. On proper medications, Chloe is in remission and feels as good as new! We are all so happy that she is well again!

In Loving Memory

Chloe's immune mediated disease remained in remission for the rest of her life, but a little more than 3 years after it was diagnosed she developed rapidly progressive lymphoma. She is greatly missed.

Tigger, a very sweet and loveable cat, was adopted from the Seattle Humane Society when he was 2 months old. My daughter picked him out because his fur had a wonderful orange swirl pattern and he appeared to be extremely bright and frisky. Tigger's favorite activity is chasing string, hiding in boxes, and tearing into the lining under my large couch. His favorite treat/toys are catnip rubbed into a toy mouse that's dangling on a string and an orange plush fish toy that he hugs tightly and kicks with his hind feet.

During warmer months, Tigger greets me each evening by rolling on his back on the warm sidewalk and flipping from side to side. When I'm in a hurry and ignoring him he will often hop up on the kitchen counter and then up onto the refrigerator, to reach the top of the cabinets. From this perch he can circle the entire kitchen. Then he begins to yowl to make sure I know he's up there. To get him down safely, I tap the top of the fridge and he comes around and leaps into my arms. Maybe he could have performed in the circus- jumping through hoops!

Tigger likes to have his fur brushed every night and afterwards heads off to nap on my bed for the evening. He seems to enjoy having a bath now and then, finding the warm water relaxing.

Tigger needs to eat a special prescription diet because he has a medical condition that requires it. This, plus the excellent care he receives at Sunset Pet Hospital, makes for a very healthy, happy Tigger- which means he can be a bouncy, jouncy, fun fun fun, much loved cat!

Tank got his name at birth- he was the last pup out of a litter of 12 and he was so big he got stuck!

Tank is a Beagle who enjoys eating (anything) and sleeping. His sense of smell is vital to him and he smells everything to its fullest. As long as Tank has his sense of smell, life will be rich. Tank's best friend was Panzer, a Rottweiler mix who was lost to cancer when Tank was 9 years old. However, Tank still has his "brothers", Chuck and Benny, and a "cousin", Tippy, to hang out with. Tank sleeps on the bed every night. His mom and dad built him a special set of stairs so that he can get up on the bed on his own.

The last year or so have held medical challenges for Tank. In August 2003, Tank developed glaucoma, a painful eye condition which led to the loss of one eye. And in October 2003, Tank had a thyroid tumor removed. Throughout these challenges, Tank has continued to enjoy life to its fullest.

Tank is a kind, gentle, patient dog and we are always happy to see him here.

In Loving Memory

Tank passed away due to complications of kidney failure in 2006 at 13 years of age.

Jazz got his name because of his good taste in music.

Jazz enjoys crab and cream and will chase paper and plastic around the house. His favorite activities include sitting in the house and looking out the window, chasing the dog, and receiving lots of cuddling. When he gets tired, he curls up next to the dog on the bed. When he was a kitten, he used to hide in the stuffed animals and could not be found.

Ranger was named after a city in Texas. Even though she has lost the use of her back legs, she would still love to eat the postman for breakfast. Instead, she snacks on chicken jerky from Costco- yum!

Ranger enjoys rolling around in her stroller for walks. She even has a trailer so she can go on bike rides with her mom! Ranger loves barking at other dogs, kids, and people in general.

In loving memory: Ranger passed away in March of 2009 at 12 years of age. She developed a degenerative spinal condition as an older dog that took away her ability to walk. Her mom worked hard to keep her quality of life good until the end.

Pete is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Pete's dad wanted a dog named Pete and Pete's mom wanted a female dog. They compromised with a female dog named Pete!

Pete comes from No-Mars Kennel and loves to hunt birds. She also enjoys playing with Abby, the Boxer next door. Her favorite toy is a stuffed duck. Pete recently ran in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test and scored first place! Pete and her parents love going to the dog park at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Pete bounces like a deer when running through the tall grass.