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Meet More of Our Patients

My name is Pickle, but my family calls me Pickie. My new family found me about 2 and a half years ago out on the street by their farm, one night in the rain. My mom put my picture and information on all the websites, at shelters, in the paper, and at the vet, but no one ever came to get me. I was sad and a little scared, but didn't want anyone to know. My new family already had dogs, big dogs, and they didn't like me (I have no idea why- all I did was bite them and told THEM to move out!) They tried to find me a new home, but it didn't work out; my mom said I had B-E-H-A-V-I-O-R problems and needed T-R-A-I-N-I-N-G...... So she put a leash on me and started taking me for W-A-L-K-S every day. At first I hated it....I would sit down and make her drag me, just because. But then I really started to like it. There are all kinds of things to see and smell, and it felt good. Now I know how to spell that word, so no one can fool me!

I had to learn to be nice to my family's other dogs. It wasn't easy and I spent alot of time in "time outs". My mom said I must not have been around other dogs before- I didn't know how to play with them or get along with them (why should I?). It took me awhile to learn the "rules" and how to get along with everyone without attacking anyone. But now she says I have learned to be a good dog!

Mom also said I need to L-O-S-E W-E-I-G-H-T, but since I didn't know how to spell yet, I wasn't sure what she meant. The food tastes good here and I get to eat out of my own bowl. I eat alot of vegetables, but I don't mind. In 2 and a half years I've lost 13lbs- almost half my size! Now I can run further and jump much higher than I used to be able to. Now I can really keep up with the big dogs!

I have made quite a few friends since I've been here. My mom takes me to places called nursing homes and I visit my new friends. It's great- I get petted constantly, take naps with people, and I'm told I'm "so cute" all day long! I really like going there.

Living on a farm has been fun. I have seasonal allergies, so that has been hard sometimes, but I do love running, playing, and taking naps out in the sun.

"In Loving Memory:

Pickle was diagnosed with lymphoma in March 2009. She responded well to chemotherapy and went into remission quickly. In August of 2009, Pickle developed acute kidney failure. Miraculously, and thanks to the incredible dedicated care by her mom, Pickle recovered and lived another 7 months. Pickle passed away in March 2010 due to complications of kidney failure. Pickle was deeply loved by her family and was a very, very special soul who we will all greatly miss."

Pickle and her mommy, Julie, Christmas 2009.

Cindi is a beautiful cat who enjoys scratching on her post, sleeping in a window seat, or lazing around on a chair. Cindi's great beauty was even recognized in the South County Journal when she was just 5 years old. Her picture appeared in the June 4th, 1997 edition along with a caption explaining that she was named after Cindi Crawford.

Cindi enjoys a good "rub down" every morning and playing with mice toys. Cindi developed diabetes in 2004. Her mom and dad have done a wonderful job managing her illness and she has been a champ about all the needle pokes. Cindi also has chronic kidney disease and developed cysts around her kidneys which required major surgery in 2006 . She recovered well and, despite the indignities of arthritis and occasional constipation, continues to be a grand old lady.

In loving memory-

Cindy passed away at 18 years of age in 2009, from complications of kidney and heart failure. She will always have a special place in our hearts.

Jake is a Labrador Retriever and was one of a litter of 8 pups. He is named after his owner's late grandfather.

Jake loves going to the lake for a swim and diving for rocks on the river bottom. His favorite toy is a squeaky football. Sometimes, out of nowhere, he will run full speed from one end of the house to the other.

At night, Jake's dad goes to sleep on his side of the bed, but when he wakes up he often finds that Jake has displaced him to the other side of the bed.

Jake loves to go fishing with his dad. He likes riding in the boat and is a great companion.

In loving memory-

Jake passed away at 12 years of age due to complications of intestinal lymphoma. He is greatly missed by his dad, his dog walker, and his friends at Sunset Pet Hospital.

Jedi was born February 28th, 1994. Jedi came from Legacy Golden Retrievers in Snohomish. His family are all Star Wars fans, so Jedi's registered name is "Legacy Ritzy Jedi Knight". He is also known as "Goofus G. Goofus", "Bubbles", "Mr Pickle", and "Angel Boy".

Jedi has a stuffed dragon just right for playing fetch or hide and seek. Sometimes Jedi will chomp too hard and "Draggie" has had several surgical repairs.

When he feels ignored, Jedi will sneak into the bedroom, grab a slipper, and prance jauntily around the house.

Jedi is a very good listener and is always there for his family when they share their cares and concerns, woes and joys with him.

Jedi is the Palomino pony that both his "mom" (Kathy) and his "dad" (Dennis) had wanted as children! We even considered calling Jedi "Pal" for that very reason. He has been a sweet boy his whole life.

The breeder warned us about the amont of hair that Golden Retrievers produce. Still we were unprepared for the "tumbleweeds" that soon accumulated in our house. However, Dennis decided to save Jedi's hair and each spring he places it in a suet feeder outside. The birds love it for lining their nests.

Jedi's "brothers" (Joe and Jim) and his "sister" (Tina) have flown their nest. So that has left Jedi, Kathy, and Dennis to be senior citizens together. It's been a wonderful journey.

In Loving Memory-

Jedi passed away at the grand age of 15 years. He was truly one of the happiest souls we have known at Sunset Pet Hospital and always brought a sunbeam of happiness with him when he visited us.

Grizabella was given to her family as a gift from their daughter and was named after the old cat in the popular musical, "Cats". She has developed a thyroid condition, arthritis, high blood pressure, and kidney disase as she has aged. These conditions are common in aging cats and Grizabella's family has kept her feeling well with several daily medications.

Grizabella is a senior cat, but still loves to play with her toys, especially the small fur mice. She also enjoys travelling with her family in their motor home. Once, she jumped out of the driver's window in a Vancouver RV park while the family was away. Luckily, when they came back 6 hours later, Grizabella was waiting for them.

In loving memory-

Grizabella passed away in 2009 at 18 years of age. She was a very strong cat who lived her life to its fullest.

Gina (Foxhaven Suddenly Summer Imogene) was born on November 15, 1995 to a Doberman breeder in Cornelius, Oregon. He was going to use her as a show dog, but after a year she developed a habit of laying down her ears when offered a treat, therefore becoming non-show quality. At this time she was 18 months old and not getting the attention she deserved in the breeder's home. We welcomed Gina to our family!

Mom and Dad took Gina through obedience training and socialized her at parks and trails to get her used to little children, bicycles, skaters, and stateboards. Mom and Dad live on a wooded acre and Gina loves chasing the squirrels when she gets the chance. She barks at crows that come into the yard to ear bird suet. She has seen Mom chase the crows away, so she thinks she needs to help.

If Gina is feeling frisky in the morning, she chases her right hind leg around in a circle. At dinner time she gladly helps Mom make a salad. Her favorites are lettuce and broccoli. At night, its a ritual to bring Mom her empty "goody ball" to fill with treats. Then she can push it with her nose and paw at it until it's empty.

Gina's favorite activity is walks with Dad. A good three miles daily has kept Gina in great shape although she is slowing down as she gets older. Gina's favorite place to vacation is Gearhart, Oregon, where everyone loves dogs and a few condo owners allow pets. She and Dad go for long walks on the beach every day. When she was younger she used to chase the sea birds but is now just content to sniff at all of the treasures she finds in the sand.

A couple of days after Christmas in 2005 we took Gina to see Dr Schottman due to concerns with swellings on her legs. Tests came back indicating she had indolent follicular lymphoma. We were told this form of lymphoma is rare in dogs. We were and still are devestated. Many decisions have been made to give our girl the quality of life we sought for her. Dr. Schottman has been terrific, fiving us detailed information about each ot the chemotherapy treatments she has recommended for Gina. The staff at Sunset Pet Hospital have been really good with Gina. She willingly trots down the hall with them when we take her in for her weekly blood draws. Thanks to Dr. Schottman and all of her staff for their caring attitudes, it has meant so much to us.

In loving memory-

Gina passed away in November 2007, nearly 2 years after being diagnosed with lymphoma. She was a sweet and dignified girl right to the end and is greatly missed.

Tribute to Brother and Sister-

I had two cats for nine years and they died within 3 weeks of each other in July, 1987. My friend and co-worker, Judy, raised and bred Persions. Originally, I was not thrilled with the idea of a longhaired persnickety purebred. I later learned that I knew nothing of the calm, peaceful nature of a Persian. But in March, 1988, Judy had another litter and I took her up on her offer. Judy gave us one kitten and we purchased another so the two cats could keep each other company. "Von Streyhagen Erik the Red" quickly became "Brother" and "Von Streyhagen Michael's Girl" quickly became "Sister".

There are many special stories in Brother's life. The most recent pertains to his sister. Sister began exhibiting the initial symptoms of kidney diesase approximately two years ago. She had a great spirit and was very patient during the various treatments that were required of her. As time went on, she became increasingly frail and play time was less and less exuberant. Brother seemed to sense the change in her abilities and he seemed to become more gentle with her as her infirmities progressed. Brother's behavior changed from playmate to protector. Toward the end of Sister's life, they would acknowledge each other with a gentle touch of noses. The bond was strong and he was a brother to her in every sense of the word.

Brother is a great cuddler and will stretch and lay a paw on my shoulder when he is laying on the back of the couch and I am sitting in front of him. He has the gift of lapsitting down to a fine are. Brother "helps" us when we use the computer and is a cuddly, calming influence. Other than eating and sleeping, Brother loves to be with his humans. He has been an indoor cat all of his 18 plus years and he always keeps tabs on me when I am home. He is the ultimate "helper"- at least he thinks he is helping- as I get ready for work, spend time in the kitchen, putter around the house, or work on the computer. He is always within sight or an arm's reach. Brother's faavorite toy or treat was his Sister. Sister went to Kitty Heaven three months ago, but they were the best of playmates. Thye would egg each other on and they would race through the house, playing tag, ambushing each other. They kept each other alert, physically fit, and seemed to have a grand time. Brother is a talker, ever since I first met him when he was 4 weeks old. He has me well trained because I chat back with him. Play time is a wonderful time, but I particularly enjoy the quiet time. Even though he is a "talker", his purr is almost silent. You need to lay your hand on him to feel him purr.

In loving memory-

Brother passed away on May 23rd, 2006, at 18 years of age, after having developed an aggressive form of lymphoma. As a further tribute to Brother and Sister their family later adopted a mother Persian and her son and daughter.

Max and Sadie are both Standard Poodles and were adopted through Seattle Purebred Rescue, a wonderful organization that places unwanted purebred dogs in new homes.

Sadie enjoys going to the store and going on nursing home visits. When she was younger, Sadie enjoyed agility. Her favorite treats are Greenies. She loves rolling in stinky, filthy, rotten matter, but is always a good sport about being bathed. Sadie loves being scratched behind the ears and accompanying her family on vacation.

Once, when Sadie and her mom and sister were visiting a nursing home, they had a very special experience. An elderly woman was in a catatonic state and had not communicated for years. Her adult children were visiting from Oregon and asked that their mother's hand be placed on Sadie's head. As her hand passively stroked Sadie's head, she began to speak and recognized her children for the first time in years. Everyone started to cry. The tactile response to Sadie woke the woman, who had owned Poodles decades ago. Sadie is now a Pet Partner through the Delta Society and will start soon in the Reading with Rover program.

Sadie has had severe kidney infections, which have made her quite ill, and have required long courses of antibiotics and regular monitoring. Like many older dogs, she also has some back and joint pain and has had some lumps and bumps which have needed to be removed.

In loving memory-

Sadie died of an aggressive cancer in 2007, at 13 years of age. She is greatly missed.

Max enjoys doing tricks for treats and licking his family members. He smiles all the time and farts evertime he sits! His favorite toy is a glove. Max was rescued from a home with 100 canaries, 2 Mexican Hairless dogs, and one viscious Italian Greyhound. He is much loved and appreciated and is a WONDERFUL pet.

Max has Addison's disease, a condition in which the adrenal glands do not produce enough hormones. If left untreated, Addison's disease is fatal. Because Max receives monthly injections and daily pills to replace the adrenal hormones, Max can live a happy and normal life.

In loving memory-

Max died of complications of heart failure and intestinal disease in 2009, at 9 years of age. His family feels lucky to have had the time they had with him and he was lucky to have had their love and care.

Kyla is my first cat. I rescued her in 1999 from the Humane Society. She had already been in 2 previous homes and I promised her my home would be her last. She actually chose me by crawling into my lap and cuddling.

Kyla's favorite activities are sleeping, watching the birds through the window, and cuddling on anyone who will let her. Her favorite treat is Trader Joe's canned tuna. Her favorite toy is any flattened cardboard box or paper bag that she can scratch on or her feather on a string. Kyla is very vocal and talks, talks, talks. She loves the heater and gets as close to it as she can. I think she's get in to it if she could. I enjoy pointing out spiders, bugs, and birds to her. She talks to the birds and loves chasing the spiders, flies, and moths.

Kyla's previous owners declawed her (I do not agree with it) but would let her go outside. When I got her, she would cry by the door to go out. I eventually let her have access to my deck, where she had no way of escaping. Being declawed, I didn't think she was much of a threat. That was until I came home one day to find a dead little bird in front of my bedroom door! Another time I was getting ready for work and heard a loud commotion by my fireplace. I went to take a look and found a baby bird hiding behind the firewood with Kyla trying furiously to get at it. I locked Kyla in another room where she proceeded to wiggle the door with her paw and cry and cry. I was able to collect the bird, put it back outside, and watched it fly away unharmed, but a bit stunned. I've learned my lesson and now only let my little hunter outside when I can watch her.

In loving memory- Kyla passed away in July 2009 due to complications of bladder cancer. She leaves behind a devoted mom and will be greatly missed.

Ginger is a Golden Retriever who's Mom adopted her through Hooterville Safehaus in Woodinville. Her Mom named her Ginger because of her color when she was a baby. Ginger's favorite activity is going out to the mailbox to get the mail everyday.

Ginger does not have a favorite treat or toy- she loves them all! Which is not suprising given her happy nature. Ginger understands alot of words. For example, when Ginger's Mom mentions her neighbor's name, Ginger starts looking all over for her neighbor. Ginger's Mom loves spending time with her and giving her love. She is a very special, calm, good natured girl- who wouldn't want to love her! Ginger always has a smile on her face and a wagging tail when she comes in to the hospital.

In loving memory- Ginger passed away in November 2010 at 12 years of age after a short illness, having recently been diagnosed with liver cancer. She is greatly missed by her family and friends.

Cody is our 4th Sheltie. We have had 7 dogs and 2 cats, each and every one has been special. We bought Cody from a Shetland Sheepdog breeder in Kent. He didn't qualify as a show dog. His head is too small and his legs are too short. So Cody was sold as pet quality. We were so lucky and happy to get him as we were 2nd on the waiting list. Cody is named after Cody Wyoming, a town we drove through a few years before we got him. At that time we decided Cody would be a good name for a future dog.

Cody is a people dog. He is always there every time you move. In fact, so close that you have to be careful not to step on him. Because of his thick fur, he doesn't like to sleep on furniture of beds because he gets so hot. He likes to sleep on the stones iside the front door, which keeps him cooler. One thing he does not like is to be in a room with the door closed. He makes a big fuss, scratching and barking until someone opens the door.

Cody's favorite activity is barking at squirrels and birds in the backyard. Cody loves to camp and has such fun on walks around the campground smelling all the wonderful smells. We also enjoy everyone telling us "What a pretty dog!"

Cody is a happy, content, easy going dog who is always a joy to be around (except when the door is closed). However, he has developed some serious medical problems. Dr Schottman is treating him for his liver disease, his chronic bronchitis, and his heart disease. Our four legged family member is muched loved.

In loving memory- Cody passed away in December, 2008 at 14 years of age due to complications of heart disease. He is greatly missed.

Kipper is a Boston Terrier. His full name is Kipper Bogart Hyler. His dad's name was Humphrey Bogart. "Kipper" came from opening a randome page in the dictionary. It doesn't just mean salted fish- it also means "full of energy".

Being a Boston, Kipper has a sensitive digestive tract and a short nose, resulting in very amusing noises and smells. He used to be very active- playing fetch, doing tricks, and even starring in a Liberty High School play, but these days he relaxes and gets cuddled on the couch most of the time.

Kipper's most favorite thing in the world to do is to find something to eat and then to eat it. He will eat the apples off the treee in the yard and the grapes and tomatoes off the vine if his owners aren't watching. He even ate a very expensive rock once (not expensive before he ate it, but exensive after it had to be surgically removed!).

Kipper is on medications for Cushing's disease, which have decreased his symptoms, and his quality of life is good. He has also had his spleen removed due to a tumor, has had the above mentioned rock removed, and had a number of teeth (broken by his rock chewing habbit) extracted. Kipper is always very gentle and trusting and is very brave in the face of his many medical challenges.

In loving memory-

Kipper passed away at 13 years of age, following a long and happy life. He will always be remembered.

Mandy was a tough little Terrier mix who passed away at 16 years of age. Mandy was a stray who ended up at the King County Animal Shelter in Kent. Mandy's mom found her there and her mom and grandmom picked out her name.

Mandy's favorite activities were eating and sleeping. She loved her "mickeys"- medications wrapped up in thinly sliced lunch meats. When she was younger Mandy would "crow" when she was excited, especially when it was time to go for a ride in the car. As a youngster, Mandy would sometimes go "AWOL" and once ended up at the water reservoir on her own. As she aged, Mandy had a number of chronic health problems, including liver and pancreatic problems, periodontal disease, and chronic kidney disease, that her mom managed with special diets and medications. Mandy had surgery to remove a malignant melanoma from her mouth earlier this year and and appeared to be cancer free when she died. In the end, senility had compromised her qulity of life too much for her enjoy living and her mom's final gift to her was to let her go. We all enjoyed seeing Mandy and her grandmom when they were out for their daily walks in our neighborhood and we will miss her sturdy spirit.