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Complete Preventive Healthcare

We believe that individualized, comprehensive wellness care is the key to optimal health for your pet. We take time to get to know you and your pet and will recommend a wellness program including:

  • Regular nose to tail physical exams
  • Vaccinations tailored to your pet's lifestyle
  • Parasite control to protect you and your pet
  • Weight management to keep your pet fit and trim
  • Home dental care and regular professional dental cleanings
  • Laboratory screening/early disease detection

Wellnesss Care for Kitten

Wellness Care for Puppies

Wellness Care for Adult Cat

Wellness Care for Adult Dog

Wellness Care for Senior Dog 




Diagnostics and Medical Care

We recommend early disease detection tests for all of our patients as part of their preventive care.  Performing blood and urine tests routinely, in the absence of any signs of illness or abnormalities on exam, gives us an opportunity to detect serious diseases early on, when they are more likely to be treatable.  It is also very valuable to have an individual baseline for each patient.  In addition to running routine and specialized blood, urine, and fecal tests, cultures, and biopsies, we provide radiology services with all x-rays reviewed by radiologists, and can arrange to have ultrasounds performed by radiologists and echocardiograms performed by a cardiologist at our practice.   We provide ongoing care to many pets with kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illnesses, and understand how important your bond to your pet and your concern for your pet's quality of life is at these times. When appropriate, we work closely with specialists in internal medicine, cardiology, oncology, surgery, opthalmology, and neurology to provide your pet with the very best care.




Anesthetic and Surgical Services

We provide pre and post anesthesia medications to relieve nausea and anxiety.  During anesthesia we monitor blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, oxygenation, and temperature and we use warm water and warm air blankets to keep our patients warm.  Patient comfort and safety is our number one priority and we limit our number of procedures per day to no more than three so that each patient gets full attention from our team of veterinarian, licensed technician, and assistant throughout their stay.  




Dental Care

Periodontal disease is seen in most pets over 3 years of age and can seriously damage your pet's overall health, as well as lead to bad breath, pain, and tooth loss. We also see many patients with tooth resorption, a painful cause of tooth loss, fractured teeth, and breed related dental problems in tiny or short faced dogs.  We will instruct you in home dental care, provide complete dental cleanings with a tooth by tooth exam and dental x-rays where indicated, treat periodontal pockets, and perform extractions as needed. When appropriate, we can refer you and your pet to a dental specialist for the highest level of care.




 Nutrition and Complementary Care

We utilize nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets, and botanical medicine in the treatment of liver, kidney, gastrointestinal, and other diseases. We provide comprehensive pain control options for our patients, including low level therapeutic laser and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.  We can assist you in providing individualized rehabilitative care to improve your pet's recovery from injuries and optimize quality of life during the aging process.




End of Life Care

The hardest part for all of us who love dogs and cats is that they do not live nearly as long as we wish they would. We do all we can to help you - in providing hospice/comfort care, in evaluating your pet's quality of life, and in ensuring that your pet's passing is gentle and painless.