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I was referred to Dr. Schottman at Sunset Pet Hospital by a relative who is a veterinary technician in Seattle, who knew her reputation as a very good vet, and her animial hospital in Renton, WA being one of a few small animal vet facilities being AAHA accredited. My then, 14 year old Jack Russell, Rascal, was ill and beginning to fail. He was diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome through sophisticated testing that was available in her office and is been treated very successfull for this chronic condition.

I also have a 17 year old cat, Larry, who was beginning to have very poor teeth and his original vet was justifiably afraid to give him anesthesia to remove his poor teeth given his age. I decided to take Larry to Dr. Schottman's for another opinion, and given the expertise in her office/animal hospital with anesthesia and chronic disease management, she was able to successfully remove his bad teeth, and he now leads a life free of dental pain. He was followed regularly by Dr. Schottman for his health maintenance exams and was then found to be in progressive kidney failure and liver problems, and again, Dr. Schottman and her staff were able to diagnose Larry with feline lymphoma. He is being treated for that, now, and his liver and kidney tests are returning to normal, and he is putting back on his weight and enjoying another one of his "cat lives".

I am a family physician, and I understand the complexities in caring for chronic illness and how demanding on time and resources it can be. I have been amazed, given these facts, of how much time and effort she and her staff have devoted into making the best choices the for care of my animals. Dr.Schottman has taken the time on numerous occasions to consult with other experts to come up with a plan of care for my animals. She has provided me up to date written and verbal instructions and education on my pets illnesses and alternatives in treatment. She has been very patient, sensitive and caring, and has allowed me to be closely involved in the decision making on treatment options. Her staff have all been very competent and friendly and have on numerous occasions gone out of their way to help my animals. I order my medication through Dr. Schottman, and it has always arrived in a timely fashion, and on a couple of occasions was even delivered to my office by a staff member living nearby, when I couldn't get away to pick it up.

I would recommend Sunset Pet Hospital to anyone with a small pet who needs health maintenance and also chronic disease management. You won't find better care anywhere!

David S. MD

Thank you for providing excellent care for our precious animals. The biggest challenge for our move to Renton, WA, from California was to find a veterinary clinic for our 9 year old diabetic cat, Willie and our 4 year old lab, Bentley. Our animals are like family members and we want only the best care for them. Sunset Pet Hospital has exceeded our expectations.

My initial phone call to search for a veterinarian was to Sunset Pet Hospital. I was welcomed by the staff upon my initial appointment and treated with professionalism. Dr Kate Schottman has a wonderful rapport with animals and shows a genuine interest in the well being of the animals. She communicates clearly while listening to the concerns of the patient's owner. Another aspect of her professionalism is she takes the time to be helpful. Her love of animals is displayed while she communicates with them, setting them at ease while giving them her full attention.

In addition to pet medical care, we needed the resources of overnight care. The hospital has provided excellent overnight boarding for our lab. They also provided the name of an agency that could make home visits for our cat while we were away. Every time we have had to be away, we are reassured that our animals are in safe hands.

If our animals could talk, they would thank us over and over for the special treatment they receive from Dr. Schottman and her wonderful staff. Bentley is always very happy to see the staff. He is greeted with VIP attention when he walks in the clinic.

Our time in Renton is coming to an end in a few weeks. It will be sad to leave Sunset Pet Hospital. We know there are other pet clinics out there, but we will always have special thoughts and memories of Dr Schottman and her staff. They are a class act in our opinion. If we were to rate their service, they would score 10/10.

Thank you Sunset Pet Hospital. The Renton community is very fortunate to have your services.


The Eastons

Dear Dr. Schottman, Christina and staff,

Thank you for working so hard to help Francesca in the past few days. I appreciate your kindness, patience and thoroughness., You've been great at explaining every step and all of my options. I trust any of my pets in your care.

Sincerly, Mary T

Hi Dr. Schottman:

I want to compliment your staff. I believe that right now, you've got the very best staff that you've ever had in the 6 years you've been taking care of Blackie and Gabby for me.

Beth is, quite possibly, the perfect front office face and phone receptionist. She is knowledgeable and professional, but she has the perfect combination of being nice, humorous and comforting to a concerned pet parent. With Blackie being old having some issues, she's been very good to talk to and has provided both my sister and I a great deal of comfort during this time. She always knows when to follow-up, and always knows what to follow up with. I wish there were more people like her in the world these days.

Nick is brilliant at handling cats. On no less than three occassions in the past few months, he has effectively made blood tests less traumatic for Blackie. That means a lot to me. Nick is the example of someone who has chosen the right profession and I expect he'll have a brilliant career if he continues to take care of pets.

I am very satisfied with the service I receive at Sunset Pet Hospital and will continue to bring my cats to your practice. As you know, Blackie and Gabby are much more than pets to me, and I'm glad that I have what I consider one of the best vets for my cat near my home. The treatments are always solutions that I am able to deal with at home for them. I am especially thankful for your up-to-date knowledge on feline CRF (Chronic Renal Failure).

I have no doubt that we are giving Blackie the best care possible and that we are extending his time with us with a high quality of life. I know that he doesn't feel ready to leave us (my sister and I will never be ready to lose him) and is enjoying this time of his life where he is comfortable and receiving quality treatment, but knows he is special and that we are taking the best possible care. Thank you so much for helping us care for him.

In closing, please keep up the good work and share my appreciation with your staff. See you soon.

Most sincerely,


Awesome Pet Care

Awesome is a great description of the services, professional atmosphere, and compassion that we have experienced when we have taken our three dogs and multiple cats to Sunset Pet Hospital over many years. Dr. Schottman sets high standards for herself and her staff and it pays off. We only lived one mile from the clinic and then moved 15 miles away. Despite the long drive, we feel it is well worth it to continue attending this clinic to recieve the best care possible for our companions. At times, Dr. Schottman and her staff have arrived early and stayed late to provide care for our pets and have done a great job making recommendations to other specialists when the need has occurred. After visits we get frequent check back calls to see how our animals are responding to care provided. Sunset Pet Hospital is a great place to take your pets!

Melanie J. on

Highly Recommended

If you are looking for a vet whose first priority is the well being of your pet, we would highly recommend bringing your pet to Sunset Pet Hospital to see Dr. Schottman. We have been customers of Sunset Pet Hospital for several years and it is a treat to have found a vet that takes the time to thoroughly examine your pet and gives them personal as well as professional care.

Susan M. on

Knowledge and Kindness

They have helped us with the health and welfare of our three border collies and we feel we have gotten good advice and care for our pets. We have been going there for at least 15 years. If they don't know an answer to a problem they help to answer it.


Worth Going Out of My Way

I travel some distance to bring my pets to this hospital and have been doing so for many years. I have always found the staff friendly and considerate. More so, I find the Drs. really excellent. I have every confidence that they will guide me in taking superior care of my pets. They also know the limits of their expertise and will refer me out of the clinic should there be something complex that needs a specialist. On more than one occasion Sunset Pet Hospital has gone "above and beyond" for me and my animals and they have earned my loyalty and respect.


Great Care

I have been very impressed with the quality of care we've recieved from Dr. Schottman and her staff. She took extra care to get to know our rescue dog (who had some trust issues with people) and gain his trust. Her staff has improved recently and I think that she has got a good group of people there now. I will continue to take my animals to Dr. Schottman as I have great confidence in her ability and appreciate the kindness and patience she shows them.


My Vet of Choice

I am a diffucult consumer to please. Yet I find the personal service and dedication of the doctors (especially, but not limited to Dr. Kate) at Sunset Pet Hospital deserving of my continued patronage. I have never known them to put anything but the best interest of my animals first. When I have to deal with a serious problem with one of my pets, I am glad I have years of a good reltionship estabilished with a clinic I know will go an extra mile for my critters.

Lee F. on

Caring Responsible Staff and Great Vet Care

I've searched high and low for a decent vet. Sunset Pet Hospital is now my vet of choice in the Renton area. The staff is patient, friendly and well trained. Doctor is right on top of the new procedures and is quickly observant. I appreciate having them nearby and helpful. Billing procedures are fair. The estimates are reallistically close to the final billing, with no add-ons that shold have been in the estimate.


Awesome Western and Eastern Style Medicine

I love Dr. Kate. She has taken care of my dogs for years, and it is obvious how much she loves the animals in her care. When she comes into the room she gets down at their level to greet them. She is willing to listen to the things that are important to me in my dogs care. She does not push vaccinations the way that some vets do, just to get you in the door, and, in fact, was one of the first people to send me to the new vaccination guidlines put out a couple of years ago so that I could understand the reasoning behind her recommendations. I am even more careful about my dogs care than I am my own, and since I started bringing my dogs to Dr. Kate, I feel that I have finally "come home". Top Notch!

Anonymous on


My family has been taking our cats here for about 10 years and we have been nothing but satisfied. I love the people that help/ work on our cats. They do such a fabulous job. I love the friendly attitudes and the people really do a great job or calming out pets down.

Kali D. on

I love this vet.

I love this vet. She really cares about the animals in her care. She takes the time to talk, and more important she takes the time to listen. I would drive a long way to keep Sr. Schottman as my vet. The only way that you will be disapointed is if you walk in and want quick in and out cookie cutter care. You won't get that here. Instead, you will get an individualized plan specifically designed for the needs of your cats, dogs and other animals.

Anita R, Kirkland

Dear Sunset Pet Hospital

I have a beautiful, healthy 10 year old cat who I would not trust anyone other than Dr. Kate for her medical needs. Dr. Kate is meticulous with her exams and diagnostic evaluations. She knows first hand how precious our "kids" are in our lives and has demonstrated that compassion and empathy time and time again. Her passion for quality care for our animals is evident at Sunset Pet Hospital from the clean environment, the pictures on the walls and the caring staff. The dental work was impecable and the communication regarding bloodwork was great. Thanks to the great folks at Sunset!

Cindy P., Renton

Happy Ending

I wanted to post about some PSLRA folks who really extended themselves to take care of a Rescue chocolate boy who got adopted the week before Christmas: Buddy. Buddy was hit in Oct. by a car and had a serious pelvic fracture. He fortunately had a microchip but when his owner's (with an out of state cell number) were contacted, they gave a phony address and probably phony last name and stopped answering their phone. I'm sure they didn't want to cover the hundreds of dollars in ER care, etc. So here sat a beautiful choc. 8 mo. old Labbie boy in the Olympia shelter in a lot of pain and probably needing serious surgery. Plus he had a broken heart.

Of course, most of us know what Edith Bryan does. My real name for her is Rescue Angel. She arranged transport for Buddy with an SPDR (Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue) rep. to meet us part way to Olympia and take Buddy in to foster, probably for around a two month period. Can you imagine trying to keep an 8 mo. old youngster crated for 8 weeks?

In stepped Dr. Kate Schottman, DVM, who is an active member of our club. She had been wanting to help out in Rescue and HELP OUT she did! She gave Buddy amazing care, even conferring with an orthopedic surgeon and a vet radiologist. It was discovered that Buddy actually had 2 dislocated sacoiliac (SI) joints and damage to a fused vertebrae in the sacral area. (SI joints are where the hip bones join the spine above the tail on a dog.) The serious concern is that this area controls all the enervation to the hips, walking with back legs, urine and fecal control. Dr. Kate donated a lot of her and her staff's time and gave discounts across the boardon many of her medical bills for Buddy, including what could've been a dicey neutering surgery. I think we have another Rescue Angel in our group! ;)

Many thanks to those who helped and the happiest news is Buddy didn't end up needing surgery and made a really rather miraculous recovery. He is just as dear and as obnoxious as any other 10 month old Lab youngster we know! He went into a very loving home on 12/20/08 to join a 13 y.o. black Lab girl who had lost her best friend last May: the family's 14 y.o. Black Lab boy. The adoptive family is just crazy about Buddy and will give him a lot of attention as they both work from home. Such a happy ending!

Brenda on PSLRA LabChat

Lifetime Care

Our dog Jedi was a patient of Dr. Kate Schottman for many years. The following account represents the kind of care that Jedi consistently received from her.

During a routine exam when Jedi was a young dog, Dr. Schottman discovered an abnormality that she suspected was an eye disorder. She referred us to an animal eye specialist who started Jedi on a life-time eye drop regimen. The specialist mentioned how critical early detection was in the treatment of the disorder. Thanks to Dr. Schottman's initial care, Jedi retained his vision throughout his 14 years of life. We are most grateful.

Kathy and Dennis S.

Best Veterinary Care

I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for the wonderful care that you and your staff gave Tigger when he was dealing with a bad virus a few weeks ago. Through your state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures you were able to isolate the problem quickly and administer the correct antibiotics that brought Tigger back to his bouncy, normal self in a few days time.

I appreciate too the special consideration that was given to my concerns about his recovery and the heart-felt way you and your staff provided the comfort and assurances that I needed during that stressful time.

I would highly recommend Sunset Pet Hospital to anyone who wants their pets treated with kindness, love, and the best veterinary care possible!

Again, thank you so much!

Val Bradley (Tigger says "Meow"), Renton

Dear Sunset Pet Hospital Team

I want to thank Dr. Schottman, Beth and the rest of the team for taking such great care of my kitties. I adopted Jamie from the Seattle Humane Society in October 2008 (the day I was given my layoff notice from my former employer), and I really didn't care that he was 10+ in age, even though I didn't know what that "+" was. We had a connection, and I knew I needed him as much as he needed me. He was in such a small cage for his size with a litter box and a bowl of water and a bowl of food. When I adopted him, I took him to my car, opened the box, and he climbed out and cruised around for a bit, stretching his legs. I drove home with him out of the box. Jamie has been such a buddy, and I was so saddened to learn soon thereafter that he was in poor health and may not live much longer. With the exceptional quality of care you all provided, and continue to provide, he has taken a turn for the better and may be with me a while. I appreciate your personal attention, including Dr. Schottman's most recent call the day after his annual blood work was taken with great news that his kidneys,...were doing so well. They were all surprised by his turnaround. I adopted my two kittens from Purrfect Pals (while volunteering) in October 2009, and you all have taken such great care of them as well. I feel so fortunate to have you all taking care of my kitties. I'd like to think that my many daily kisses to each of them has had something to do with their great health, but my kisses alone would not suffice.

Jamie and Laura Williams, Seattle

Sunset Pet has Top Notch Care

My dogs name is Zoe. She is a 12 year old Bichon Frise. She has seen several vets and has had many trumatic experiences. We found Sunset Pet Hospital and Dr Kate Schottman. Dr. Kate is soft spoken, kind, and knowledgeable. She found the cause of Zoe's lifelong medical problem which she is treating successfully. The staff is also great. They as well as Dr. Kate have made many followup called to see how Zoe is doing.

Yvonne Talbot and Zoe, Renton, as on

Bald and Beautiful at Sunset Pet Hospital

"...the vet needed to shave my belly so the radiologist could perform an ultrasound to determine what was wrong with me. I was very sick.......... .(Now) I am better. The people at the Sunset Pet Hospital were really nice and they helped me to feel a lot better."

"I told you there was nothing to worry about. Vets help animals."

Jannette Rotz with Oliver, Renton

Visit Oliver's blog

Care and Compassion

Overall, our experience at "XYZ specialty practice" was fine, but we left there with a feeling like we were just a number, and didn't really feel that connection that we enjoy so much when we visit your clinic.

We are truly grateful for the care and compassion we continually receive at Sunset Pet Hospital.


Beth and David, Renton

Sunset Pet Hospital

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for the care of my cats, Lucy and Jezebel, in these last 5 years. Dr. Schottman, you have been so wonderful, and your team is excellent. I greatly appreciate your kindness and dedication to the health of my little family members, and I also appreciate the affordability of it all!

I think I have found a good vet with the Redmond-Kirkland Animal Hospital, but if in doubt, I'll always return to you, and you'll have my high recommendation to anyone who needs a vet in Renton!

All the best,

Barbara Chadwick, Redmond/Kirkland

We have entrusted our beloved family dogs to the expert and compassionate care from the entire staff at Sunset Pet Hospital. Dr. Schottman is terrific, We have had dogs with chronic illness, with acute illness and with routine care and have been completely satisfied is all cases. We highly recommend this clinic for dog and cat care.

-Shari R., on, 11/28/2011

Sunset Pet Hospital is simply the best. The staff cares and it shows. The facility is clean, pleasant and informational. I have been a customer for over 14 years and would not change for the world. Sure, there are places that are cheaper but you get what you pay for. Dr. Kate and staff really go the extra mile and show you how to care for your pet. My current "furkids" are both rescues so had a lot of up front costs. Dr. Kate was through and patient to get to the root of the matter--not just a quick fix. Both are doing well and will continue to thrive with Sunset Pet Hospital's help.

Glenda J., on, 7/28/2010

Our family has been going to Sunset Pet for over 15 years. Dr. Kate is fantastic: informed, compassionate and always patient with questions and explanations. The staff is also wonderful; they are caring, friendly, efficient and helpful. When our dog had surgery we received several follow-up calls from the staff checking in. When we faced the sad decision to have our cat put to sleep, the whole clinic was so supportive. I would not think of taking our pets anywhere else!

Dana R., as on, 06/14/2010, Renton.

We have been going to Dr Kate and Sunset Pet for almost 10 years. This is the most caring and nurturing clinic we have ever been to. I can not recommend Sunset more. Both during great times, new puppies and sad times, the passing of our 10 year old Corgi, this group wins our thanks every time.

Scott W., as on, 6/8/2010, Renton.

My experiences with the vet and staff at Sunset have been great. I'm very thankful for their kind care during my cat's last months (she was 18) and their compassion when I finally had to make that decision that we all dread making concerning our pets.

I also found that the vet was very well informed and researched issues facing my dog including a life-threatening problem she had with heartworm and behavioral issues (she's a rescued dog, so she had a very bad first year of life.) I appreciated the extra time the vet spent talking with me about her problems as we determined what to do. All options were presented and ultimately it was my decision on which plan to follow.

AG M., as on, 7/20/2008, Seattle.